One of the first ever rose wines made from the Petite Pearl grape.  Grown on the Wisconsin Ledge, Vivace offers a truly unique expression from this part of the world.

Apellation: Wisconsin Ledge


Winemaker's Notes

Vivace means "lively" in Italian, which is a perfect description of how this wine will feel on your palate.  Vivace is a fresh, clean wine with excellent food pairing qualities. As with all of our Vintner's Choice Club Wines, Steve strives to offer a unique expression of wine not likely found elsewhere.

Tasting Notes

Vivace is Wisconsin's twist on one of the fastest growing wine styles in the United States and the world.  Rose styled wines are grown and crafted in a way that gives you an aromatic, fresh and lively expression for your nose and palate.  Pressing the juice off the skins immediately produces a lighter colored wine highlighting the acidity and aromatics of the grape, an allows for a wide range of food pairing potential.


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