Washington Island



Washington Island is the first commercial wine made from grapes grown on Door County’s famous Washington Island, located at the tip of Door County. Made from the St. Croix grape, this wine reflects the cool Lake Michigan breezes that surround this one-of-a-kind vineyard.

Apellation: Wisconsin Ledge

Residual sugar: Dry


Winemaker's Notes

This wine was given the name Washinton Island in honor of where the grapes were grown. Made in a rosé style, meaning the grapes were pressed lightly, immediately after being harvested. Washington Island is reminescent of a traditional French rosé wine and offers unmatched delicate aromatics and crisp flavors.
The St. Croix grapes used in this wine were harvested in early October, after reaching the perfect maturity that comes from the warm days and cool nights on the island. Winemaker Steve notes that Washington Island was his favorite wine to come out of the 2016 growing season.

Tasting Notes

This wine will remind you of the refreshing experience of a lake breeze on a hot summer day. A dry rosé wine with bright acitidy, intricate aromatics, and refreshing flavors of rose petals and bursts of citrus. Its fresh, crisp, dry style is a masterful match for almost any dish.

Washington Island

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