44 White

44 White is a limited vintage wine created exclusively for our Vintner’s Choice Wine Club Members. This lightly oaked, dry white wine has a rich mouth-feel and fruit-forward aromatics. In the winemaker’s opinion, it is the best white wine to be produced from our Parallel 44 vineyards.      

Winemaker's Notes

Steve, co-owner and winemaker at Parallel 44, started with the belief that wine should reflect the soul of the land from which it comes. This wine is 100% estate grown and reflects this belief and passion.
This wine is made from 100% Louise Swenson grapes that were grown here the vineayrds of Parallel 44. The Louise Swenson grapes were developed by a man name Elmer Swenson. Elmer was a farmer from Wisconsin who became the father of cold climate viticulture. He realized that by cross breeding the wild grapes that were already growing in Wisconsin with grape varietals growing in California and Europe, he could create world class grape varieties that are perfectly suited for our climate. The Louise Swenson grape used in 44 White was named after Elmer’s wife. 
The 44 White name was chosen to honor our location on the 44th latitude. This is the same latitude that is home to many famous wine regions including, Bordeaux and Tuscany. The best white grapes from the 2016 harvest were selected to produce this limited vintage wine and allows our terroir to be tasted.

Tasting Notes

Rich mouth-feel and body with a dry finish. Aromatics of citrus and melon. Sure to please those who love a richer chardonnay like expression.


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