Blue Moon

This is a very balanced and approachable semi-dry white wine. You will enjoy its tropical fruit aromatics and a touch of honey sweetness. The 2016 vintage was a “Once in a Blue Moon” kind of year.  

Winemaker's Notes

Made from 100% St. Pepin, that was grown right here on the Wisconsin Ledge. Blue Moon is a wine that has true Wisconsin roots in that the grapes used in this wine were developed by the pioneer of cold climate viticulture, Elmer Swenson from Osceola, Wisconsin in 1983. 
This Wisconsin farmer was a self-taught grape breeder who is responsible for the grape varieties capable of being grown here in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. He realized that the wild or ‘riparia’ vines growing around the countryside here in Wisconsin for hundreds of years could survive our -30 degree temperatures. He also realized that if he crossed these species of grapes with the vinifera species of grapes growing in California and Europe, he could create world class grape varieties that are perfectly suited for our climate. 

Tasting Notes

Semi-dry, soft, approachable, balanced. Serve chilled. A perfect compliment with salads and fish but also very good on its own. 


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