Frontenac Blanc

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This special Club Wine was grown in the Wisconsin Ledge appellation. This is our very first release of Frontenac Blanc and is among the very first released in this country. 

Apellation: Wisconsin Ledge

Residual sugar: Semi-Dry


Winemaker's Notes

Just as Pinot Noir (Noir meaning dark) is a sibling with the same heritage as Pinot Gris(Gris meaning Grey) Frontenac Blanc has a similar relationship to Frontenac Noir in that it is the blanc (white or colorless) version of Frontenac. It was first discovered in 2005 in Quebec, Canada. Since this is one of the very first Frontenac Blanc wines to be released in this country,  you will be among the very first people in the world to be enjoying this wine, making you a wine pioneer.
The wine was fermented slowly in very cool temperatures in order to preserve the bright, clean, crisp, and fresh aromatic expressions of this vintage. 

Tasting Notes

In contrast to many white wines, this wine is particularly crisp with fruity aromatics of starfruit, stone fruit, and green apple. It will feel like a refreshing tropical breeze on your palate. The off dry finish will leave you coming back for more due to its fresh and juicy acidity. Enjoy with salads, pork, and seafood or by itself if you just want a glass of refreshing breeze after a long day. 
Frontenac Blanc

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