Autumn Bliss

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A limited released, Autumn Bliss is only available to Vintner’s Choice Member’s and was release during the 2016 Vintner’s Choice Winter Wine Release. 

Apellation: Wisconsin Ledge

Residual sugar: Sweet


Winemaker's Notes

Autumn Bliss is an unique, limited vintage, late harvest wine. Late harvest is a term applied to wines made from grapes left on the vine longer than usual. Leaving the grapes on the vines allows all the flavors and sugar in the grape to become concentrated and results in a rich, luscious tasting wine! The grapes for this wine were harvested in late October, after reaching the perfect ripe expressions produced by the warm sunny autumn days of 2015. 
Made from Frontenac Gris and Louise Swenson grapes, the 2015 vintage of Autumn Bliss was grown here on the Wisconsin Ledge.  

Tasting Notes

Full bodied dessert style wine expressing ripe rich flavors of pear, honey and apple that linger on your palate. Enjoy this wine before dinner with bold cheeses or after dinner with dessert.  The perfect wine to share with family and friends as you savor the bliss of a warm sunny October day in Northeast Wisconsin.

Autumn Bliss

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