Carl's Wild Grape



Named in honor of Winemaker Steve’s father Carl Johnson.  This wine originates from the rural country side where Carl would pick wild grapes to make his first vintages of wild grape wine.  The four rows of wild grape vines, that were planted in our vineyard in 2005, were propagated from the vines that ran along the fence line of Carl’s family farm. 

Apellation: Wisconsin Ledge

Residual sugar: Dry


Winemaker's Notes

This wild grape wine is among the darkest colored and intensely flavored wines you can find.  Its bold flavors and acidity make you understand why wild grape wine is called “wild”.  Its acidity will serve as the structure that will allow this wine to continue to evolve and mature over time.
A very limited vintage to treasure and to celebrate the spirit and inspiration of making wine here in Northeast Wisconsin. 

Tasting Notes

This one of a kind, limited production wine is made with 100% estate grown wild grapes.  A deep, rich expression of tannin, dark fruit, and soul will linger on your palate.  This semi-dry wine has notes of elderberry, blackberry, herbal, and nutmeg.  Pair with bold foods such as blue cheese, wild game, full bodied stew and steak.


Gold, 2014 Wisconsin Professional Wine Competition

Carl's Wild Grape

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