Drink Pink!



Since its release, Drink Pink! has become a fast favorite of our customers.  The name comes from the common reference to rosé wines as “pink” wines.  Once thought of as inferior to red wines, rosés have seen a big come back in the world of wine.  They can range from dry to sweet and from simple to complex, making them a wine that offers something for everyone.  Also, rosés are perfect food pairing wines because their crisp acidity is a great balance to a variety foods.

Apellation: American

Residual sugar: Sweet


Winemaker's Notes

Drink Pink! is a blend of Frontenac and Marchel Foch grapes, both cold climate varietals.  The grapes that created the initial vintage were all harvested from the Vineyards of Parallel 44.  In order to increase production, the 2014 vintage includes grapes from other vineyards that we contract with.  These grapes were picked and immediately destemmed with no pressure.“Free run” juice flows from the grapes when the skins are broken. With minimal to no skin contact, free run juice is the most aromatic, flavorful juice from a grape.  Steve, our winemaker, decided to process this free run juice separate so as to celebrate its aromatic fruity qualities.  Carefully choosing a yeast that would augment the juice’s fruitiness and putting it through a cool slow fermentation to preserve its fruit quality, thus Drink Pink! was created.

Tasting Notes

Aromatic, intense, full-bodied and balanced sweet rosé wine that smells and taste like strawberries, raspberries and grapefruit. Drink Pink’s body and sweetness is balanced by the grapes’ acidity which creates the clean, crisp finish that only grapes from a cold region, such as ours, can produce.  This wine is a perfect pair for spicy foods, such as Mexican or Asian dishes, or for creamy cheeses.  Or chill it to perfection and enjoy it on its own.    


Best of Class, 2017 Dan Berger International Wine Competition
87 Points, 2017 Ultimate Wine Challenge
Gold, 2017 Dan Berger International Wine Competition
Gold, 2017 Indy International Competition
Gold, 2016 MGGA International Cold Climate Wine Competition
Gold, 2014 Wisconsin Professional Wine Competition
Drink Pink!

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