Frozen Tundra White


A sweet, aromatic white wine that is deliciously fruity. It is a perfect blend of the Wisconsin grapes, La Crescent and Frontenac Gris. Perfect to pair with cheese platters, or serve it with your turkey or ham dinners. 


Winemaker's Notes

Frozen Tundra White became part of the Frozen Tundra family of wines shortly after Frozen Tundra Original was introduced.  Again a celebration of cold hardy grapes, this wine is a blend of grapes featuring Frontenac Gris. Due to demand, the blend of this wine has changed over time, but the flavor has remained the same.  If you enjoy Riesling and Moscato, you’ll love this wine! 


Tasting Notes

This crowd pleaser is a semi-sweet, aromatic white that is deliciously fruity, exhibiting dominant peach and tropical fruit flavors, especially pineapple and honey.  Pair with summer salads, ham, grilled chicken, turkey, or your favorite Mexican foods.



Gold, 2014 Wi Wine Competition
Best of Class (White) , 2013 Wi Wine Competition
Double Gold, 2013 Wi Wine Competition
Gold, 2012 Wi Wine Competition
Gold, 2011 Wi Wine Competition


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