Glacier Fume

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This is an estate wine, which means that the wine was 100% grown here at the vineyards of Parallel 44. This award winning wine is a true expression of our unique terroir. Terroir is a French word meaning ‘sense of place’. It’s a notion that the wine reflects the soil, topography, climate and essence of a place. You will find this wine to represent the fruit forward expressions and bright acidity of wine from our cool climate along with the minerality derived from our limestone soils of our glacier till soil.

Apellation: Wisconsin Ledge

Residual sugar: Sweet


Winemaker's Notes

A blend of the Louise Swenson and St. Pepin grapes, this wine has been described as resembling a Sauvignon Blanc. Some Sauvignon Blancs have the term “fumé “associated with them; fumé is used in reference to the foggy mornings in the areas in which it is grown. Hence the name of our “Glacier Fumé” from Parallel 44. Enjoy a truly expressive and nuanced wine!

Tasting Notes

This crisp, refreshing sweet white wine exhibits a balance of sweetness and acidity. Its honey aromatics and tropical fruit flavors finish with a hint of minerality. Pair with spicy/salty foods, bold cheeses, chicken, or seafood.


Gold, 2016 MGGA International Cold Climate Wine Competition

Glacier Fume

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