Vintner's Reserve


Steve, our winemaker and Co-owner, created this red blend to accentuate the best flavors from two award winning Wisconsin grown grapes (Marquette and Petite Pearl). This special blend created from 2015 harvest is considered by our winemaker to be one of the best vintages that Parallel 44 has ever produce, thus the reason this wine was given the name Vintner’s Reserve.  Reserve is a term use to describe a wine of the highest quality and aging ability.

Winemaker's Notes

Our winemaker’s goal is to create a regional style of wine, like that of Bordeaux where each vintage is the best expression of the varying amounts of the best two to three varietals from the region.  Creating a regional style takes many trials and errors, however Vintner’s Reserve is one step closer to finding our regional style of wine.

Tasting Notes

A dry red wine that offers integrated oak and black cherry aromatics. A medium bodied wine that has incredible food pairing and aging potential. 


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