Pink Door



What is behind the third door of the flagship family of wines from Door 44? It’s the newest member called Pink Door and it is a New World wine offering a fresh flavor profile from the unique soils and climate of Northeast Wisconsin.


Apellation: Wisconsin Ledge

Residual sugar: Sweet


Winemaker's Notes

Pink Door is a one-of-a-kind rosé style wine that blends two whites (La Crescent and Frontenac Gris) and two reds (Marquette and Frontenac). These grapes are new to the world of wine and they were grown right here in the heart of the newest wine appellation called the Wisconsin Ledge.
This limited production wine offers brilliant acidity and mouthwatering flavors that will linger on your tongue. Pink Door is a wine likely to be enjoyed by those new to wine and by those who are looking for new and unique experiences with wine. Winemaker Steve takes great pride in offering you a wine that will be unlike any wine you have had before and provides an authentic expression of this new area of the wine world here in Northeast Wisconsin.

Tasting Notes

This medium to full-bodied, sweet rosé style wine has racy acidity followed by aromatic and flavorful notes that will make your mouth water. Pink Door pairs well with salty/spicy foods and bold cheeses.


Pink Door

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