White Door


White Door, is also a members of our flagship family of wines from our Door 44 Winery. Previous vintages of this partiulcar wine were made with the  Vignoles grape and it was a sweet wine.The 2015 vintage of  White Door, is made with the Seyval grape and is now a dry yet fruit-forward white wine. 

Winemaker's Notes

Originally Seyval was grown in the vineyards of Parallel 44, however it was too tender to consistently weather our frigid winters.  We now source the Seyval Blanc grape from upstate New York where it is buffered by the warmer waters of Lake Erie and Ontario.
This grape was the creation of two Frenchman named Seyve and Villard in 1921.  In their efforts to save the vineyards of Europe from being wiped out by phyloxera (small bug that kills the roots of vines) around the turn of the century, they developed this variety through years of research of cross pollination of thousands of varieties.
This varietal is now commonly planted in England and due to its versatility it is affectionately called “Save All Blanc”.  In the United States, some have referred to as the “East Coast Chardonnay.” Often equated to Chablis styled wine, it is lighter in style with notes of grapefruit, green apple and melon.  It has been known to ripen in less than 100 days, a rare feat in the world of wine growing.  

Tasting Notes

This dry, crisp, light bodied white bursts with citrus and peach expressions.  This food friendly wine pairs well with green salad, soft cheeses, seafood, and chickenfamily and friends.


Double Gold, 2013 Wisconsin Wine Competition


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