Frozen Tundra Red


This garnet colored wine presents with a distinct cherry aroma and finishes with blackberry, black currant and plum flavors. This wine pairs well with everyday foods such as burgers, brats, and pizza. It is also an enjoyable sipping wine made for everyday drinking on its own.

Winemaker's Notes

Frozen Tundra’s popularity, it seemed fitting to round out the family with a white and red wine.  Continuing on the theme of celebrating the region and celebrating the original grape that created Frozen Tundra, Frozen Tundra Red was created in the style of a deep, medium bodied, semi-sweet red and was originally made from the Frontenac grape.  To produce the quantity demanded, the blend for this wine has changed over time, but the Frontenac grapes continues to be part of the blend.   Frozen Tundra Red offers complexity and balance, but without overbearing tannins.  It is an easy to drink red wine that ages well. 

Tasting Notes

This semi-sweet red begins with a cherry aroma and finishes with flavors of blackberry, currant, and plum.  Enjoy with everyday foods, such as burgers, brats, pizza, and pasta.


Gold, 2014 Wi Wine Competition
Double Gold, 2011 Wi Wine Competition


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