The idea for Sparkler was ‘sparked’ by a conversation between Steve and a winemaker from Champagne, France.  At a conference the French winemaker heard Steve complain of the cool summers in Northeast Wisconsin. The French winemaker laughed when he heard this and stated  “Wisconsin summers are actually a little warmer than they are in Champagne”.  He suggested that the winemakers of the Upper Midwest should start doing what they have done in Champagne for over a 100 years and making sparkling wine. 

Apellation: Wisconsin

Residual sugar: Semi-Dry


Winemaker's Notes

This conversation ‘sparked’ an idea, and that idea has come to fruition with “Sparkler.”  This rose style sparkling wine is primarily made from the aromatic Frontenac and La Crescent grapes.  
Sparkler is the second sparkling wine produced by Parallel 44. Steve, believes that both Sparkler and Bubbler (Parallel 44’s first sparking wine) are great examples of the potential that exists here in Wisconsin to create sparkling wines that are fresh, lively, and flavorful.  While Champagne can only be Champagne if it is grown in Champagne, France, it is Steve’s dream that one day sparkling wines from Wisconsin, like Sparkler and Bubbler will rival the sparkling wines from Champagne, France.  

Tasting Notes

This sparkling rosé style wine offers bright, fruit forward expressions of peach, and apricot, and fi nishes with a crisp and refreshing note of pink grapefruit. Pair with soft and creamy cheeses, salty foods like potato chips and popcorn, or spicy dishes.


Best Wine of Wisconsin, 2017 Wine Is Wisconsin Wine Competition
Best Wisconsin Wine, 2016 WI Professional Wine Competition
Best of Class (Sparkling), 2017 Wine Is Wisconsin Wine Competition
Best of Division, 2016 WI Professional Wine Competition
90 Points, 2017 Ultimate Wine Challenge
Double Gold, 2017 Wine Is Wisconsin Wine Competition
Double Gold, 2016 WI Professional Wine Competition
Gold, 2017 Indy International Competition



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