Cellar Door



Cellar Door is a ‘port’ or ‘dessert’ style wine very similar to the port wines that come from the world famous regions of Portugal.  Its not consider to true “port” since the wine was not grown and produced in Portugal.  You will find Cellar Door offers that same expression of higher alcohol and sweetness synonymous with a traditional port or porto wine.  

Apellation: Wisconsin Ledge

Residual sugar: Sweet


Winemaker's Notes

While similar in to an authentic port wine, Cellar Door offers a twist on the traditional ‘port’ winemaking style.  Traditional port is fortified with distilled spirits such as brandy.  Cellar Door however achieves its’ sweetness and higher alcohol through a slow fermentation process giving the wine the desired sweetness and warmth a a traditional port withou the direct addition of alcohol to the fermentation.  In other words it is a“fruit-forward” dessert or port wine that is 100% Frontenac grown here in our own vineyards at Parallel 44.
This wine is one that you will want to enjoy after dinner while sitting by the fire with family and friends.  This wine has consistently expressed a great ability to age in your cellar and evolve with additional layers of flavor and nuance. 

Tasting Notes

This sweet, port or dessert style wine offers depth of color, ripe cherry aromatics, a hint of oak, and layers of raspberry, currants, and chocolate flavors.  Cellar Door will pair well with dark chocolate, cheesecake, rich cheeses or be delicious just on its own.


91 Points¸ 2018 Midwest Wine Challenge

Gold, 2016 MGGA International Cold Climate Wine Competition


Cellar Door

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