Cellar Door

Cellar Door is a port or dessert style wine. Although this wine is like the Port Wines produced from the world famous regions of Portugal because of its flavor and higher alcohol and sugar content, we cannot use “Port” on the label due to an International agreement 10 years ago that mandates that the word “Port” can appear on the label only if the grapes were grown in Portugal.

Winemaker's Notes

Made from the Frontenac grape, which was 100% grown in our vineyards, this wine offers layers of cherry and chocolate flavors that will linger on your palate. These expressions are the natural evolution of flavors that result from the aging process.

This wine has the higher alcoholic content, generally over 16%, and the higher residual sugar, generally over 8%, typically found in port wines coming from Portugal. Most port wine is fortified with distilled spirits such as brandy. But our port-style wine has no fortification, and its higher alcohol content comes from higher brix or sugar levels during the fermentation process.


Tasting Notes

This sweet, port-style wine offers an intense garnet color, bright Bing cherry aromas, and flavors of black cherry, raspberry, currants, and chocolate. Pairs well with dark chocolate, cheesecake, fruit desserts, and blue (or other bold) cheeses.


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