Nouveau Rouge

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Apellation: American

Residual sugar: Semi-Sweet


Winemaker's Notes

Nouveau Rouge means “New Red” in French.  This vintage is made from the Rougeon and Chambourcin grapes (note, the blend of grapes used has changed over time, however the flavor has generally stayed the same). These grapes were originally grown in the Loire Valley of France and now grow predominately in Upstate New York and the Ohio River Valley, it represents a New World wine style.  This wine is a perfect blend of the softness and the deep red hue that comes from the Rougeon and the darker fruit and medium tannin structure from the Chambourcin. 
The fruit forward structure, deep color, and soft finish make this one of the easiest drinking reds you can find.  Vinted by Parallel 44 since it opened in 2007, it has been one of the most popular wines we have made. You will find this wine is a favorite of our original customers who have stayed true to it overtime.  The New Red reflects the growing desire, among U.S. wine drinkers, to enjoy the fruit aspect of wine without the interference of oak expression found more commonly in the Old World wine style of Europe.

Tasting Notes

This is a light bodied, semi-sweet red with notes of raspberry and strawberries that give way to black cherry finish.  The flavor is slightly dryer at room temperature and fruitier when chilled.  This is one of Parallel 44’s original wines, and it was a hit from the beginning!!  Does not take itself too seriously but also has the ability to age well.  Pair with everyday foods such as burgers, brats, pizza, and pasta.

Nouveau Rouge

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