Frozen Tundra Original



The Frozen Tundra Family of wines first came on the scene in the fall of 2009.  During 2009, the small amount of fruit we did have was mostly under-ripe, having low brix and high acid.  The first frost had come early, not giving the grapes enough time to mature to the desired brix level and for acid levels to drop.  Steve considered this harvest a total loss.  A bit discouraged and wondering if wine grapes really could grow on the frozen tundra, Steve had an idea….Celebrate the acidity in our grapes and create a wine with a “sweet tart” effect.  So, the Frontenac grapes were harvested and pressed immediately, so that the juice had very little skin or seed contact and allowing the fruit quality of the grape to come through despite the acid.  This created a brightly hued, almost pink wine with a fruity quality on the front end and a crisp finish on the back end – just like a sweet tart or jolly rancher. 
This wine is truly a creation of our unique terroir, Steve and Maria thought it would be fitting to play on the term “Frozen Tundra.”  Frozen Tundra has been used as a reference to the Green Bay area and Lambeau field – really a regional reference.  So this wine was called “Frozen Tundra” - as it was a wine celebrating our unique grape growing region here in Wisconsin. This wine is not a “Packer Wine;” it is just meant to be a celebration of the region we love to call the “Frozen Tundra.”  
So, our first Frozen Tundra wine was born!

Apellation: American

Residual sugar: Sweet


Winemaker's Notes

This wine was simply called “Frozen Tundra” and the label looked completely different from the current family of wines.  It had a compass on it, to signify “place.”  This wine, with its “sweet tart” effect, became our number one selling wine.  Initially, Frozen Tundra was only sold at our tasting room, and we were sold out within a couple months.  
The popularity of this wine created a whole new problem for Steve, how would he duplicate the flavors of this wine when it would be nearly impossible to duplicate the growing conditions that created it!  It was not possible to create the exact wine in the same way, so over time instead of being a “pressed rosé,” Frozen Tundra became a “blended rosé”. Although the Frontenac grape has always been a part of the blend, the grapes used have changed over time.  Although the blend has changed and the color has varied from vintage to vintage, the flavor of the wine has generally tasted like the original Frozen Tundra wine.  

Tasting Notes

Exhibits the New World style of sweetness and acidity that pleases the new wine drinker and those looking for unique wine flavors.  Its sweet and tart expressions of bright cherry pair well with bold cheeses, salty meats, and spicy foods and also with everyday food such as burgers, brats and pizza.


Best of Division, 2015 WI Professional Wine Competition

84 Points, 2017 Ultimate Wine Challenge

Double Gold, 2017 Indy International Competition

Double Gold, 2015 WI Professional Wine Competition

Double Gold, 2011 WI Professional Wine Competition


Frozen Tundra Original

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