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  • Vintner's Choice Bundle Photo
    Vintner's Choice Bundle

    For a limited time only, three of our most popular Vintner's Choice Club exclusive wines 44 White, 44 Red, and Rosata are available to the public. Taste what it's like to be part of this world-class club and enjoy a special savings. 

  • Bubbler Photo

    Semi–dry, fruity and balanced sparkling wine that is uniquely Wisconsin.

  • Sparkler Photo

    Semi-sweet, sparkling wine with a bright, fruit forward flavor and a crisp, refreshing finish.

  • 44 White (Wine Club Only) Photo
    44 White (Wine Club Only)

    Vinter's Choice Member Exclusive Wine. Dry, lightly oaked white wine with fruit-forward aromatics. 

  • White Door  Photo
    White Door

    A dry, crisp, light bodied white that is bursting with flavorful expressions.  

  • Blue Moon Photo
    Blue Moon
     A semi-dry white wine that is very balanced and approachable.
  • La Crescent  Photo
    La Crescent

    Semi-Dry white wine with fruit forward expressions and a refreshing crisp finish.

  • Frozen Tundra White Photo
    Frozen Tundra White

    Semi-sweet, aromatic white that is deliciously fruity.

  • Rosata (Wine Club Only) Photo
    Rosata (Wine Club Only)
    Available ONLY to Vintner's Choice Club Members. 
    Semi-dry, rosé style wine that offers burst of floral, red fruit, and melon flavors and finishes with a refreshing note.
  • Sunburst  Photo

    Semi-dry, but very fruit forward, rosé-style wine. Sold out online, limited quantities available at Door 44 Winery.  

  • Washington Island  Photo
    Washington Island

    Dry, rosé wine with bright acidity, intricate aromatics, and refreshing flavors.


  • Pink Door  Photo
    Pink Door

    Medium to full-bodied, sweet, aromatic, rosé style wine. 

  • Frozen Tundra Original   Photo
    Frozen Tundra Original

    Sweet, fruity rosé with a crisp finish.

  • Drink Pink! Photo
    Drink Pink!

    Sweet, aromatic, intense, full-bodied, and balanced rosé wine.

  • Carl's Wild Grape Photo
    Carl's Wild Grape

    Dry, rich expression of tannin, dark fruit, and soul will linger on your palate. 100% estate grown wild grapes

  • Petite Pearl Photo
    Petite Pearl

    Dry, offers notes of fresh fruit & a mouth feel that is extremely well balanced. Interesting and integrated from its bouquet to its lingering finish.

  • Vintner's Reserve Photo
    Vintner's Reserve
    Dry, medium-bodied, with integrated oak and fruit forward aromatics.
  • F2 Photo

    Dry, full-bodied blend with fruit forward aromatics and incredible aging potential.

  • 44 Red (Wine Club Only) Photo
    44 Red (Wine Club Only)

    Vintner's Choice Member Exclusive Wine. Dry, red wine with earthy aromas, bursts of red fruit flavors, and mouth-watering acidity.

  • Red Door Photo
    Red Door

    Dry red, light bodied, easy drinking wine red wine that highlights the grapes’ fruitiness.

  • M  Photo

    Dry, smooth, medium-bodied red that is full of flavor but not too heavy.  

  • Club Rouge (Wine Club Only) Photo
    Club Rouge (Wine Club Only)

    Available ONLY to Vintner's Choice Club Members. 

    Semi-dry red with bright aromatics and red fruit expressions.

  • Frozen Tundra Red  Photo
    Frozen Tundra Red

    Semi-sweet, medium-bodied, easy to drink red that is complex and balanced.

  • Cellar Door Photo
    Cellar Door

    Sweet, port-style wine with an intense garnet color and bright aromas.

  • Ice Wine Photo
    Ice Wine

    This sweet, intense, full bodied dessert wine is bursting with flavors.

    *Due to limited quantities, Ice Wine is excluded from all quantity discounts and special offers.   

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